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Foundation Mare ( d.o.b. 06.06.89 )

Sire: Vean Stormcock

Grandsire: Gaulden Gamecock

Grand dam: Lady Sarah

Dam: Goldrush

Grandsire: Cilwych Frantic

Grand dam: Amber Highway

143cms SHP Broodmare  
Offspring Grandchildren out of R.
  County Affair
R. County Affair R.Highland Fling
  R.Mermaid (Sad loss due to accident )
  R.Regal Lily
  R.Sir Henry
R.Starmaker R.Super Trooper
R.Spanish Conquest R.Glamour Girl
R.Talk of the Town R.Royal Occasion
R.Serendipity R.Picture Perfect
R.Ladies Day

R.Special Occasion

R.Show Girl


R. Super Model


R. Final Edition


Colbeach Gala princess


d.o.b. April 1993)

Welsh Section B
2005 R. Confetti
2007 R. Magical Moments
2008 R. Prince Charming
2011 R. Little Princess
2012 R. Queen Bee
2014 R.

Sire: Rotherwood Prince Regent

Dam: Colbeach Royal Melody

Dam Grandshire: Downland Mandarin

Summerhill Alice/ Colbeach Gala Princess

Roseberry County Affair ( d.o.b. 21.04.98 )



2006 - Roseberry County Affair with daughter Roseberry Regal Lily (d. o.b. 27-03-2006)

Sire: Kilvington Scoundrel

Grandsire: Cusop Disciplin

Grand dam: Stonecliffe Capriole

Dam: Lintonhills Country Classic

Grandsire: Vean Stormcock

Grand dam: Goldrush

Off Spring
R.Highland Fling
R. Mermaid(sad loss due to accident)
R.Regal Lilly - Deceased
R.sir Henry
R. Super Trooper
R. Glamour Girl
R. Royal Occasion
R. Picture Perfect


Queensmere Royal Touch



Pictured 2006 with colt foal Broadgrove Little Star by Cusop Dimension

Sire: Orielton Artistocrat
Dam: Heath Pirouette

Bay Mare d.o.b. 05.07.97

Welsh Part Bred First Ridden
Off Spring

2006 Broadgrove Little Star

2007 R. Spiderman

2009 R. Jewel in the Crown

2010 R. Bestman

2011 R. Royal Portrait

2011 R. Dora The Explorer

Queensmere Royal Touch


Gwelanmor Touch of Elegance

Sire: Elist
Dam: Fair Tamina


D.O.B May 1999

143cm shp

Off springs:
2009 R. Touch of Elegance
2010 R. Ruby Wedding

Queensmere Royal Touch


Roseberry Serendipity

Sire: Botingelle Swansong
Dam: Lintonhills County Classic

Off spring:
2012 R. Celebration
2014 R. Make Believe
R. Sophistication
R. Great Expectation

Roseberry Super Model

Roseberry Super Model

Sire: Roseberry Model Man
Dam: Lintonhills County Classic

2013 R.Lord Of The manor
R. Super Star
R. Toy Story

Roseberry Super Model

Roseberry Regal Lilly


Sire: Colbeach Nightlight
Dam: Roseberry County Affair

Off spring:
2012 R. Jubilee


Cottrell Ginervra

Sire: Rotherwood State Occasion
Dam: Cottrell Glimpse ,Grand Sire: Downland Mohawk

D.O.B May 1998

Sold to Holland

Welsh sec B

Off spring:
2009 R. Black Knight
2011 R. Showman

2012 R. Cast a Spell

Cast a Spell





Rotherwood Maybe

trumpet major
Foal of Rotherwood Maybe
R. Trumpet Major
Sire: Strinesdale Matador
Dam: Chirk Windflower

D.O.B 1999

143cm, SHP P.B.A

2013 R. Trumpet Major






Stanley Grange Roulette

Foal of Stanley Grange Roulette
R. High Flyer
Sire: Colbeach Splendour
Dam: Rotherwood Rhapsody

Roseberry Ruby Wedding

Foal of R. Ruby Wedding
R. Moment Of Truth
Sire: Chiddock Time Lord
Dam: Gwelanmor Touch Of Elegance

Roseberry Ladies Day

Foals 2017 R, Facinator
2019 R.
Sire: Alhaatmi
Dam: Lintonhills Country Classic

Roseberry Jubillie

2017 Roseberry Flower Girl
2019 R.
Sire: Rotherwood Peeping Tom
Dam: Roseberry Regal Lilly